Hello world!

Adventureland Video is a labor of love for me. I have lived for movies most of my life. The origin of the name begins with a weathered sign in a vacant building. The lettered sign had a film border. By then, I knew I wanted a video store. And now I had found the name that I wanted to use. Then I set out to learn all that I could about the industry.

The actual business started with several hundred VHS movies in a small storefront in Economy.  A small rural town of about 200 in east central Indiana.  They embraced my new store from the beginning. But the store lasted one brief but memorable year. The demise come about from my youthful ignorance.

For years I was deeply depressed and withdrew from movies. I faulted everyone but myself for what had happened. I couldn’t get the building I wanted. I lost my lease and had to buy the building. The business volume was too low. Then come The Dr. Phil Show and years of reflection. It was time to take responsability because the only one you can control is you.

During this time I had found new friends online. They urged me and schooled me in internet marketing. From this Reel 2 Reel and Adventureland Video online were born. I am still haunted and even comforted by my memories. I dedicate this to all who helped me realize my dream. I hope you are proud of what we built — ADVENTURELAND VIDEO.

— Paul